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I am so excited you are interested in extensions!! 

With all the methods out there today I have chosen to focus exclusively on SKW extensions and let me tell you why!

A Licensed Cosmetologist and Nurse Practitioner, Sarah K. Wilks created SKW Extensions and this is her mission, “To help all women become the best versions of themselves by boosting confidence and spreading optimism. To offer elite extension services without causing unnecessary harm to the client.”

This is the ONLY medically approved extension method that focuses on the integrity of the hair and scalp.

THAT means BYE-BYE-BYE to uncomfortable hair extensions that cause sore spots, redness, irritation and hair loss. This was created with YOU in mind, which is important to me. SKW technique includes a knot stem to protect the hair and a link to secure it in place, with ZERO over-direction of the hair your worries for stress spots and/or traction alopecia are no more. SKW uses hand-tied wefts that are sewn onto a track which allow it to lay flush to the scalp becoming undetectable and completely customizable to you and your lifestyle! 

SKW Hidden Beaded Row (HBR) is the most seamless method to date.


HBR track is created without thread and no matter which direction you flip the hair no beads will be visible! HBR uses a suturing technique (stitching pattern) that reduces tension on YOUR hair, which provides more comfort for YOU and bye-bye-bye to sore spots, redness, irritation and hair loss. 

The placement and custom coloring will create such a seamless blend and allow you to wear your hair in a high pony, bun, braids and more while staying undetectable and slip free!

There is NO glue, tape, or heat


and its PAIN FREE! 

The removal process is a breeze and can be done in less than 10 minutes!

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